House of Sin


Pretty young Evangeline Parker finds herself stuck on the side of the road after her car breaks down. Parker gets a ride from the sinister Marbus, who turns out to be the leader of a cult of depraved carnal freaks who reside in an old rundown house. Will Parker find a way to escape from the house of sin?



Me and Matteo eating a burger


Two men must challenge their relationship with meat, when a vegetarian hamburger is brought to them by a mysterious woman with questionable morals. A series of violence, food and moral depravity insues



Nathalie (Marcella Petri) is the young, sheltered daughter of a wealthy businessman who discovers sex through intimate relations with her father's business partner. The partner plans to use Dad's money for several business enterprises, but Nathalie discovers there may be a sleazy alternate scheme planned.

The Treasure Box


A pornographic filmmaker dies, and his last will and testament is shown to his survivors in the form of a self-made film. In the film, he tells them that he is going to show them a porn "loop" (short film) that contains clues to the location of his fortune, and whoever solves the mystery and finds the hidden treasure will get his entire fortune. In this way, the lucky winner will avoid paying an inheritance tax.

Blue Voodoo


A woman uses voodoo to exact vengeance on the man she loved.




The Thirteenth Chair


Although his murdered friend was by all accounts a scoundrel, Edward Wales is determined to trap his killer by staging a seance using a famous medium. Many of the 13 seance participants had a reason and a means to kill, and one of them uses the cover of darkness to kill again. When someone close to the medium is suspected she turns detective, in the hope of uncovering the true murderer.

The Hole in the Wall


Mrs. Ramsey sent Jean Oliver to prison on a false charge. To get even, Jean (disguised as Madame Mystera) plans to kidnap her daughter and turn her into a thief. Love entanglements with a gangster known as "The Fox" and newspaperman Grant complicate her plans.

Black Waters


A mad captain poses as a cleric to murder people aboard a fogbound ship.

The Perfect Crime


A police inspector "solves" a crime that, in fact, may not have occurred at all.



Who killed the vicious millionaire Sigsbee Manderson? Not that pretty wife of his, surely? Philip Trent investigates.



This the story of a wizard elk - Rauten, as people called him. He was a human being in animal guise. The story begins in Ré Valley, which lies like a yawning gap between mountains, long and flat with borders of forests so dark that they look as though part of the blackness of night lingered in them. A river moves sluggishly along the bottom of the valley, making its way slowly and carefully between stretches of light-red sand. It runs northwards, a rare thing in Norway.

Blake of Scotland Yard


Prequel to The Ace of Scotland Yard. This serial is presumed lost.

You'd Be Surprised


A diamond is stolen at a houseboat party given by the district attorney. He gives the thief a chance to return it by putting an empty box on a table and turning out the lights. When the lights are turned back on the box is gone, and the district attorney has a knife in his back and is quite dead. The police and the coroner arrive. There are several attempts made on the life of the coroner. Ruth Whitman is found hiding in a grandfather-clock, holding the gem box. She claims the box was pushed into her hands and she was pushed into the clock. The district attorney's butler/valet tells the coroner he saw who killed his employer and a few minutes later he is also murdered. The mystery deepens.



Heroine Dora de Zares comports herself in a most mysterious fashion in this spy mystery.

The Lone Wolf Returns


The Lone Wolf Returns

Dangerous Traffic


A young newspaper reporter is assigned to investigate mysterious goings-on in a coastal resort town. He discovers the existence of a gang of vicious liquor hijackers. He sets out to expose the ring and help federal agents break it up.

The Bat


A masked criminal who dresses like a giant bat terrorizes the guests at an old house rented by a mystery writer.

The Brass Bowl


After arriving unexpectedly at his country home, Dan Maitland discovers a young woman attempting to open his safe. She mistakes him for Anisty, a notorious thief who is Dan's double, and he gives her the jewels from the safe. Anisty appears, and there follow confusion and thrilling episodes in which Anisty is captured, escapes, and poses as Dan. Dan finally brings Anisty to justice and declares his love for Sylvia, who confesses she was searching Dan's safe to recover papers that might incriminate her father.

The Bedroom Window


William C. DeMille, Cecil B. DeMille's talented director brother, teamed with his favorite collaborator, scenarist Clara Beranger, for the 7-reel silent The Bedroom Window. Essentially a by-the-book mystery tale, the film is lifted from the ordinary by the expertise of DeMille and the charm of leading lady May McAvoy. She plays the daughter of a murder victim, while Ricardo Cortez co-stars as the Accused. Cortez is saved from the chair by his aunt Ethel Wales, a mystery writer. The real culprit is...well, keep your eye on the least likely, most cooperative member of the cast.

The Guilty One


The Guilty One is a 1924 mystery film.



Three crooks pull off a magnificent crime. As they're forced to hide out together they slowly begin to distrust each other.

Strangers of the Night


A rousing fusion of satire, mystery and action. Aristrocrat Ambrose Applejohn is aching for excitement. He gets more than he bargained for when two Russian thieves, Anna Valeska and her partner Borolsky, arrive at the mansion one dark night.

Gas, Oil and Water


George Watson may seem like a harmless gas-station attendant, but in reality he is a secret government agent, intent on ferreting out a gang of smugglers on the Mexican border.



In a poor neighborhood of a big city, a crippled mailman is in love with a maid who lives in his building. However, she is in love with a wealthy and handsome young man, who soon disappears. The mailman provides the maid with letters that get her hopes up... but tragedy will soon befall all three.



A blind cobbler is able, by dint of his extraordinary hearing, to recognize the identity of a murderer. His own son is accused of the killing, and the old man waits, knowing the murderer will return to prevent the blind man from revealing what he knows.

The Mask


The Mask 1921 film



Two men, lost in the desert, meet Queen Antinea, ruler of Atlantis.

The Star Reporter


This episodic melodrama was adapted from the novel The Mysterious Mr. Trent, by Wyndham Martyn.

Birds of Prey


A Nick Carter mystery

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


Early silent Sherlock Holmes adventure

Detective Tex: Circumstantial Evidence


Tex, a famous detective, recounts the story of how he went into the crime business: While visiting his old friend, Jack Nelson, a dispute breaks out between Nelson and his butler. Later that night, Nelson is murdered, and the next morning the murder weapon, a knife, is discovered next to the body. Edna, the victim's wife, seizes the knife, and Tex, fearing that she is about to kill herself, throws the weapon out the window. Interpreting Tex's actions as incriminating, the police arrest him, and he is sentenced to prison. Two years later, a fire breaks out at the penitentiary, and Tex's bravery in saving the warden's wife and child wins him a pardon. Determining to solve Nelson's murder, Tex searches for the butler but discovers him to be innocent. Summoned to Edna's deathbed, Tex hears her confess to the crime, thus causing him to devote his life to solving crimes and saving innocents from being convicted on circumstantial evidence.

The Woman in Room 13


Laura Bruce is married to John Bruce, police commissioner. She discovers her husband is enjoying a drunken revel with another woman, and vows she will obtain a divorce. After doing so she weds Paul Ramsey. His employer, Dick Turner, a libertine, offers his a responsible position in the west, and she faces a long separation. Ramsey later learns that Turner is interested in his wife and engages a man to protect her, who happens to be her former husband.

The Teeth of the Tiger


Living quietly under the assumed name Paul Sernine, reformed gentleman crook Arsene Lupin is summoned to protect his invalid, wealthy friend Henry Forbes.

The Great Gamble


The Great Gamble is a 1919 movie serial.

The Avalanche


A woman with a gambling addiction finds that her daughter is threatened by the same tendencies.

Out of the Shadow


Ruth Minchin is unhappily married to her father's former business partner, a drunken brute. She contracts a friendship for Severino, a pianist, who lives in the same apartment house, and Minchin, discovering them together, orders the pianist from the room and knocks his wife down. Severino kills Minchin in a delirium following pneumonia, and Ruth is suspected of the crime.

The Hillcrest Mystery


During a party held in honor of his daughter Marion, Thomas Sterling announces that he will turn over his shipbuilding plant to the United States government for the duration of World War I. Sterling wants Marion to marry his partner, Hugo Smith, but she prefers Gordon Brett, who proposes to her after the party. Marion's father catches the two in an embrace and orders Gordon out of the house. Later that night, Sterling is found murdered. Gordon is the principal suspect, but Marion refuses to believe he is guilty and hides him in the house. Later she discovers Smith sending a message to the Germans on a wireless hidden in the attic.

Who Is Number One?


A silent 15-part movie serial.

The Lone Wolf


Based on a character created by Louis Joseph Vance

Mrs. Balfame


Mrs. Balfame is a 1917 Mystery Drama

Arsene Lupin


Story of the gentleman thief.



Marina di Malombra (Borelli) lives in a castle prior to her wedding. She begins to read letters written by an ancestor called Cecilia. She finds out that Cecilia was driven to her death by her uncle. Marina identifies with Cecilia and take revenge on her behalf by murdering her uncle.

The Musgrave Ritual


Reginald Musgrave’s maître d’hôtel has disappeared! Called to the rescue, Sherlock Holmes goes immediately to his friend, to inspect the premises. He finds a stolen jewel in the new maître d’hôtel’s jacket, and in a drawer, the brief, enigmatic words: the “Musgrave Ritual”. Seeking to elucidate their meaning, which soon turns into a veritable treasure hunt, he is led to one of the characters who has dark confessions to make... (

مکبث، پرده یکی پس از پایان


A theater actor who is taking a part as Macbeth finds himself lost in the role.

Sherlock Holmes Baffled


Sherlock Holmes enters his drawing room to find it being burgled, but on confronting the villain is surprised when the latter disappears.