Yawar Mayo (Rio de sangre)


Lucifer and Derrepente, are danzaqs (dancers) of Tijeras from Huancavelica, who perform an Atipanakuy (competition).

Alleen thuis met een dienstwapen


The adventurous Peter Paul worked his way up through the police force from the late 1990s to become a specialist in the Special Investigative Applications Service (DSRT), better known as the ‘stealth section’. As an undercover agent, he found himself among the Netherlands’ most notorious criminals, placing listening devices in cars, houses and flats, once even dangling from a block of flats.



These are stories of five brave residents of the Kyiv Region who have survived the Russian occupation but did not stop resisting even for a moment. Delivering humanitarian aid, rescuing our soldiers from encirclement, providing medical aid, cooking for the fighters or just for the cats of Moshchun - all of these are big and small personal feats which inspire us and give us strength to continue fighting. Apart from astonishing stories, the testimony of the residents of the Kyiv Region can help with future investigations and eventually help punish the Russians.

La Chose Politique – Acte 1


6/28/2020 : Grégory Doucet, a politics noboby, become the first mayor from the ecology movement of the third biggest city in France, Lyon. Out of the shadows into the limelight, Antonin Bachès followed him with his movie camera, through this incredible learning process of the field of politics.

Ligmalion: Or How to Help Yourself in Self-Help Britain


Drama documentary which takes the form of an up-dated version of Pygmalion. With a special music score by jazz group Working Week, with real "society" characters and locations from 1984.

44 Hours


More Reel People, Part 2


After being interviewed about their fantasies and sexuality, the men and women who comprise the Reel People actually have sex on camera with an experienced porn star (except for one man who just isn't into it). Mary, a very attractive 21 year-old, captures our hearts in a steamy segment with Rocky. Then there's Shone, a dancer who fantasizes about getting it on with Joanna Storm and Kelly Nichols and gets to have both at the same time. And of course, John Leslie is more than able to handle 23 year-old saleswoman Mikey.



The film is based on the witch-craft practice amongst the villagers.

The Business of America


An exploration of supply side economics and the trickle down myth as exemplified by Pittsburgh's declining steel industry.

Mitard, l'angle mort




Fight for the Right: The Story of the AFLPA


As the AFL Players Association celebrates 50 years, key players in the industry look back at how the game and the players have changed.

Satori Stress


Leaving Europe to look for Akiko, Jean-Noël discovers her city, the exotic Tokyo. A documentary on everyday life in Tokyo, its KABUKI theater, its nostalgic TAKENOKOZOKU dances, its thousands of suit-and-tie executives, its geishas, its Western style marriages, its tranquil green areas, its pulsating nightlife...

El misteri dels cines desapareguts


Documentary about the movie theaters in Valencia that, since the seventies, had been closed or turned into department stores and bingo halls; dream spaces of Valencian cinephilia such as the Cine Alameda.



Aiko Juuroku Sai making-of documentary.

¿Y después qué?


A critical account is given of the two stages of the military government of the seventies: Between General Velasco Alvarado and General Morales Bermudez. Based on photographic, graphic, journalistic, radio and audiovisual records

Morte ai sciavi


A documentary video presenting a concert by the Laibach group at the 1982 Novi Rock festival. A video as a document on the beginnings of the controversial band with its original members.

Dariku untukmu, dariku untuk Kita.


In the uncertainty of Indonesian football conditions, Aldian is trying to survive amidst the league stoppage while Ronaldo strives to become a football athlete.

Edith Head


A light-hearted, toe-tapping portrait of the well-known 8 Oscar winning Hollywood costume designer filmed in her opulent house and garden. Edith Head presents some of her famous designs using glamorous models to impersonate Mae West, Barbara Stanwyck, Dorothy Lamour, Ginger Rogers, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly. They move to the music of the films for which she was the designer as Head recalls the times and places that served as inspiration for the famed looks.

Backs to the Blast: An Australian Nuclear Story


A document of Australia's nuclear industrial history, from uranium mining and its toxic legacy to the nuclear weapons tests conducted at Maralinga in South Australia.



Curt McDowell offers an account of his adventures with straight boys and the hospitality he extends to them.

Star Wars: Music by John Williams


BBC documentary. Witness John Williams composing the legendary score for The Empire Strikes Back and conducting the London Symphony Orchestra.

Shaping Bamboo


For the 'Are'are people of the Solomon Islands, the most valued music is that of the four types of panpipe ensembles. With the exception of slit drums, all musical instruments are made of bamboo; therefore the general word for instruments and the music performed with them is "bamboo" ('au). This film shows the making of panpipes, from the cutting the bamboo in the forest to the making of the final bindings. The most important part of the work consists in shaping each tube to its necessary length. Most 'Are'are panpipe makers measure the length of old instruments before they shape new tubes. Master musician 'Irisipau, surprisingly, takes the measure using his body, and adjusts the final tuning by ear. For the first time we can see here how the instruments and their artificial equiheptatonic scale-seven equidistant degrees in an octave-are practically tuned.

Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Image of Women


Taking advertisements from magazines, newspapers, album covers and shop front windows, KILLING US SOFTLY presents specific examples of the ways in which advertisements reinforce stereotypes, affect our self-image and how we relate to each other, our concepts of success and worth, love and sexuality, popularity and normality. Using an intriguing mixture of statistics, humor, insight and outrage, Jean Kilbourne questions how far the use and abuse of women in advertising is connected to the sexual exploitation of women at large and the increasing incidence of child abuse.

Exhibition 2


Following the first Exhibition, the famous documentary devoted to the porn actress Claudine Beccarie, Jean-François Davy returns with Exhibition 2. Exhibition 2 is an uncompromising portrait of actress Sylvia Bourdon, a follower of sadomasochism and an extreme, provocative and disturbing character.

L'Italia in pigiama


Spielregel für einen Wiedertäuferfilm


A political film about the policy of the anabaptists of Münster (1534) and the 'enemies of constitution' in West Germany (1976).

Y si eres mujer?


An analysis on the role education plays in the way gender roles are conceived.

The Unanswered Question V : The Twentieth Century Crisis


This series comprised six lectures on music, which cumulatively took the title of a work by Charles Ives, The Unanswered Question. Bernstein drew analogies to other disciplines, such as poetry, aesthetics, and especially linguistics, hoping to make these lectures accessible to an audience with limited or no musical experience, while maintaining an intelligent level of discourse: Lecture 5 picks up at the early twentieth century with an oncoming crisis in Western Music. As these lectures have traced the gradual increase and oversaturation of ambiguity, Bernstein now designates a point in history that took ambiguity too far.

The Unanswered Question VI : The Poetry of Earth


This series comprised six lectures on music, which cumulatively took the title of a work by Charles Ives, The Unanswered Question. Bernstein drew analogies to other disciplines, such as poetry, aesthetics, and especially linguistics, hoping to make these lectures accessible to an audience with limited or no musical experience, while maintaining an intelligent level of discourse: This lecture takes its name from a line in John Keats' poem, "On the Grasshopper and Cricket". Bernstein does not discuss Keats' poem directly in this chapter, but he provides his own definition of the poetry of earth, which is tonality. Tonality is the poetry of earth because of the phonological universals discussed in lecture 1. This lecture discusses predominantly Stravinsky, whom Bernstein considers the poet of earth.

Palast der Republik – Haus des Volkes


A documentary about the planning and construction of the Palace of the Republic, Berlin.

Pain Lovers


An early eye opening documentary discussing the healthy appetite that some people have for BDSM.

Adam & Eva: Mädchen, die es gerne machen


Marriage and couples provide insight into their real love and sex life, explain openly the problems of living together and give advice to overcome them. The film is relentlessly, enlightening, and thus of the utmost importance for men and women of today.

Lepeza Svetog Jakova


From a monastery in Makarska preserving an extremely valuable shell collection, we embark underwater. We study the life of the shell named after St. Jacob. It is a shell which can even jump, but sometimes it’s still not enough to escape its sworn enemy, the red comb star.

Carrera de chasquis


The Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces of Peru wanted to promote active recreation and sports activities that reclaim the past and project the country towards modernity. Thus, the Chasquis Race was organized to rescue the ancestral figure of the Inca's personal messenger who, through a system of posts, transported information throughout the Tahuantinsuyo.

Muhammad Ali: The Greatest


Universally accepted as a true icon of the 20th century, Muhammad Ali’s phenomenal achievements spanned sport, politics and religion. One man – photographer William Klein had comprehensive access to the events that shaped Ali’s legend. In 1964, the young gregarious Cassius Clay successfully defeated the seemingly invincible Heavyweight Champion of the World Sonny Liston – the manner of Clay’s victory and his amazing persona made him an instant superstar. Through this incredible period, and Clay’s subsequent rematches with Liston, William Klein enjoyed unrivalled access top Clay’s camp – witnessing at first hand Cassius Clay becoming Muhammad Ali and angering the American people with his allegiance to Islam. Forward to Zaire 1974, and the return of Muhammad Ali to the world stage to face another invincible champion George Foreman. As Ali reclaimed the crown for a second time, Klein was ever present, capturing the full story at close quarter.

Sex Freaks


Sex Freaks is a catalog of all things kinky - voyeurism, nymphomania, sadomasochism - with a few unusual novelties thrown in along the way (sex in a carwash, at a bullfight, underwater, in the snow). This unusual example of a Sex-Shockumentary posits that the Devil is responsible for our deviant ways!

Mit csinálnak a cigánygyerekek?


Pál Schiffer's film reports on the injustices of the education system of the 1970s, the lies of the Kádár system, and the everyday life of Roma children.

Flyte & Jutta


Erotic movie directed by Jeff Williams.