Sogni d'estate a Riccione


A young lady in a second-rate nightclub finds herself so bored that she falls asleep, and begins to have a series of erotic dreams.

Intimità anale


Baby e i suoi vizi anali


Baby Pozzie is back by popular demand. This time she is joined by superstar Rocco.

Pugni Di Rabbia


Vacanze a Rimini


Max Bellocchio is surrounded by people having sex, but isn't getting any himself. His daughter (Marie Noelly) has it away with the plumber, Joy Karin's with Alain Lyle on the stairs of a nightclub, then with Alain Lyle, Astrid, Sara Venier and Roberto Malone in the nightclub, then with Astrid and Roberto Malone on a yacht.

Calda Pioggia di Sesso


A string of porn scenes woven together with no discernable plot.



Joy’s brother tells his girlfriend about Roberto’s misdeeds, especially about the nurse.

Vietnam Store 3


Una vergine per l'Impero Romano


Set in ancient Rome, Livia a successful gladiator/wrestler, needs to win just one more battle, and she will have won her freedom and not have to risk her life any more. Livia's fighting trainer Molok informs her that her opponent in her next fight is the powerful Fabiola who is nicknamed "The Tigress Of Rome." The big fight will be in only ten days and Molok gives clear instructions that in the week before the fight, Livia must not have any sex as this will break her concentration and make her unprepared. This could be a problem, though, as Livia has a rather large appetite for sex and is carrying on a lesbian affair with fellow gladiator Daria. However, she also lusts for the handsome Molok and wants to get it on with him. Molok is reluctant but Livia insists that since it's ten days till the fight and she only needs to stay away from sex the week before, they have three days to satisfy their desires.




Caldo profumo di vergine


Catherine and Elizabeth are two students who spend weekends in the house of the nobleman Shanon, arousing the curiosity of the other students...



Blue Movie


Touching upon art, trauma, madness and sexual perversion Blue Movie centers around Silvia who has suffered an attempted rape. She escapes the attack and is rescued by Claudio, a photographer who takes her under his wing. Claudio is obsessed by war images that tell of death, devastation and pain. While working with a supermodel, Daniela, it appears that their relationship is bordering sado-masochistic. Things slowly build, with a fair dose of nudity and perversion. Observing all this as best she can Silvia begins to fall in love with Claudio, however she struggles to discern between reality and her traumatic past, especially while Daniela, who is locked in a room, regresses to an almost bestial dimension.

Vita terrena di Amleto Marco Belelli


Marco Belelli, aka Divino Otelma, is a well-known Italian philosopher and television personality. He has 6 degrees and owes his notoriety to his past career as a magician, chansonnier, politician. He is also the founder of the Theurgical Order of Elios and the Church of the Living, a cult with more than 20,000 followers, in which he has the role of a self-proclaimed God. Obstructed in the first stages of its production by the Covid-19 pandemic, the film unfolds over one long year of exchanges at distance between the director and the “Divine”, through Skype conversations in which the manifold topics relating to his multifaceted existence are treated. Significant figures who have been variously connected with his earthly life are also involved in this long journey of knowledge, contributing with their precious testimonies and blurring further our understanding of such a complex and layered figure.



La Soluzione


Brigitta Bulgari, with her lustful power and limitless sexuality, plays the role of the horny wife. Her behavior upsets her husband to no end and leaves him with no choice but to call in his doctor friend to help him. The therapy prescribed has an immediate effect and soon has her back living a "normal" life... The cast pulls out all the stops, delivers non-stop sex action that will captivate the audience until the final climax!




Jesus vender tilbage


Jesus returns to Earth, gets involved in a terrorist group, but keeps his integrity.

Peccati in famiglia


The industrialist Carlo arrives at his villa in the Piacenza area to spend his holidays with his wife Piera and his daughter Francesca. They will soon be joined by their nephew Milo who will woo and seduce all the women of villa including the busty cook Doris lover of uncle Carlo.

Attacco dei Morti Viventi



2007-06-30 (IT)


Velvet - Doppio Inganno

2008-07-05 (IT)


Jenny & Jenny

1997-01-01 (IL)

Two cousins, best friends and one poetic, observational film Jenny and Jenny meet everyday. Jenny and Jenny talk everyday. Jenny and Jenny write each other all the time. Jenny and Jenny have a broken heart. And happiness. They are 17 years old, cousins, born and raised in Bat Yam, a working class town south of Tel Aviv. The film follows Jenny and Jenny one summer in their lives, accompanies them when they wander between childhood and womanhood. The two girls live life of great passion and innocence all at the same time, in the blurred areas where reality and dreams mix together. How is the world deciphered in the eyes of Jenny and Jenny? What form does the feminine identity take in their eyes? What do they love and what they suffer from?

L'infernale Quaglia

2022-06-14 (IT)


Prague Exposed

1998-01-01 (意大利)

The story of a Jill looking for a Jack. Am American journalist whose research into vice, corruption, and sexual perversion takes her to the capital of sin - Prague. Jill Kelly stars as the unwary reporter who discovers the pulse of Prague. She delves deep into the perverse world of anal orgies, bi-sexual couplings and endless flesh. She finds a sexual awakening within herself and discovers that love and lust are the fuel that feeds her own inner fires.

Saturday Night at the Baths


The Continental Baths, a favorite hangout of New York homosexuals, provides the background of this socially conscious comedy drama that tries to examine the relationships between gay and heterosexual people. The story centers around a macho, heterosexual piano player who gets a job at the notorious nightclub and must therefore reconsider his attitudes. His girl friend helps him too. In the end, he winds up becoming sure of his sexuality when he tries to sleep with a gay man.



Story about a young girl, the daughter a prominent doctor. When the girl goes missing her father gets the police to jump into action because of his class status and wealth.

Strange Occasion


Three sexy and comic episodes.



Elena Serpieri is an Italian neurologist who is in the United States, because she obtained a scholarship in a New York hospital. There she works together with the FBI on the profile of a dangerous serial killer.

Sentirsidire - Quello che i genitori non vorrebbero mai


Ludovico is an arrogant boy who grew up in the comforts and vices among money, parties, and excesses: he has known every wealth except that of the soul. Filippo is a young man who faces all suffering, poverty, and abuse in order to grow up. the former has the urge to possess a phony independence, the other feels the need to fail to respect his own body and values in order to survive. their encounter will mark the rest of their existence.

Grida dalla palude





While visiting his favorite resort village during winter, a writer investigates the apparent suicide of a woman he was infatuated with.

Bloody Sin: Abonimations of the Third Reich


A team of researchers investigates a European castle that was used for sadistic tortures during the inquisition, as well as horrifying and abominable Nazi experiments on innocent people. Riddled with history, the demonically possessed castle overtakes the crew turning their nightmares into a terrifying reality.

The Story of Piera


Piera is a young woman who grows up under the parentage of two extremely original overseers: both her mother and father have incestuous relations with her before they are committed to insane asylums. A special connection, between a mother and her daughter, full of sensuality and complicity, has allowed to portray a family full of fears, rather unbalanced, but nevertheless searching infinite love.

Beast in Space





丽莉·卡拉提(Lilli Carati)扮演一位高中生,而一位年轻男子正在追求她。意大利校园喜剧影片。

La sexilinea


Using a line with disruptions, the artist creates a guy who thinks only of his sexuality.



An old professor rents a mysterious old villa, and finds a tape recorded by a previous occupant, detailing her debauched lifestyle and the events leading to her murder.

Ubalda, All Naked and Warm


During the Middle Ages, a clumsy knight returns home where his wife awaits him. Sensuous and beautiful, she has attracted several male admirers during his absence, but her chastity belt has maintained her faithfulness. Now is her chance to wrest the key from him and enjoy herself. The knight’s portly friend has a similar problem with his equally gorgeous wife. And to top it off, both men have designs on the other’s wife — leading them to devise painful methods to discourage the other from trespassing.

Deliver You





诺阿(黛西·埃德加-琼斯 Daisy Edgar-Jones 饰)是一个喜欢通过交友软件来结识新人的女孩,某一日,在进行了一场糟糕的约会之后,诺阿在超市里邂逅了名叫史蒂夫(塞巴斯蒂安·斯坦 Sebastian Stan 饰)的男子,两人交换了联系方式。之后,诺阿和史蒂夫开始了约会,并且最终碰撞出了爱情的火花。虽然诺阿的好友茉莉(乔尼卡·T·吉布斯 Jojo T. Gibbs 饰)并不是非常信任这个凭空出世的男人,但诺阿坚信这一次,自己遇到了真爱。史蒂夫邀请诺阿去旅行,并且将她带到了自己的一幢别墅中,在这幢没有信号的豪宅里,史蒂夫给诺阿下了药,并且囚禁了他。等待着诺阿的,是比死亡更悲惨的命运。






Bonifacio is 27 years old and he is roaming about Venice. He is trying to decide whether to accept a job or not. In so doing, he recalls all his past life: his love story with Gabriella, his old friend Claudio, who had always regarded working as a worthwhile thing, the war, the partisans.



A young man gets a pleasant surprise when a comely "relative" agrees to teach him the rudiments of sex.