A wealthy man with a penchant for living on the edge and engaging in dangerous, life-threatening activities becomes romantically involved with a female university professor who has the same proclivities.

Campus Beat


Campus beat and romance are set to music in this film of our times.




Eugênia e Fausto


Eugenia and Fausto watch a film based on Nelson Rodrigues.

Supergirls for Love


A wife suspects her husband is cheating on him, so one day she follows him from home to see what--and who--he does on a typical day.




To glyko kormi tis Bianca


A young woman introduces her friend Samantha to the wealthy Greek sadist Orestes. He contracts her to be his slave for two weeks at his place on the island of Corfu. Here she meets his wife Stella and Bianca, the blonde slave/mistress of Orestes.



An anthology of 8 stories centering on the lives of 20 adolescents in the year 2023.

The Awakening


A man burdened by grief over the death of his wife Lisa a year prior heads up the Pacific Coast Highway to their beach home, and along the way picks up a bearded hitchhiker and brings him along. The two men become closer as the days progress.

Brief Affair


Dance student Sinclair has a decision to make when her lover Rudy tells her he's leaving town.

Caldo profumo di vergine


Catherine and Elizabeth are two students who spend weekends in the house of the nobleman Shanon, arousing the curiosity of the other students...

কলঙ্কিনী কঙ্কাবতী


Despite being married, king Rajshekhar Ray falls in love with sexy dancer Aparna, who loves Raghubir. However, things take a turn when he kills Raghubir.



Charli is a film for lovers. It is the story that every man and every woman who have ever truly been in or out of love will identify with. Instinctively conceived and sensitively produced, Jesie St. James and Eric Edwards play a married couple whose marriage is on the rocks. They keep the fires burning within as they fantasize about making love to those around them. Charli is a love story, a real SEXY love story.

Sesso profondo


An ice queen takes a plane ride and discovers that flying is her g-spot, or least the gateway to sexual inhibition.

Little Orphan Dusty


Dusty 是一个孤儿,她逃离了孤儿院,出走的途中被一群摩托骑士攻击并强奸了。之后她遇上了先锋艺术家 Frankie 并爱上了他。她开始不能接受艺术家的社交方式和艺术形式,但后来 Dusty 和 Frankie 还是决定结婚。摩托骑士们还在惦记着 Dusty,他们决定在 Dusty 的婚礼上大闹一场……




Swedish Sorority Girls


This story is about the managers of a Swedish hostel/inn and their relationship with an American woman that visits it on vacation. As they spend time together, the activities they share become increasingly intimate. Soon they introduce her to their closest friends and parties. They become very close, but eventually the vacation ends and they must part, promising to see each other again.

Ой не ходи, Грицю, та й на вечорниці


Adaptation of the play of the same name by Mykhailo Starytskyi.

Sømænd på sengekanten


为了去货轮上当机械师的助手, 一个女孩男扮女装。船员们发现她是女孩的时候,他们已经在海上了……

The Infidel


An abused housewife has an affair with a sportswriter. The two of them gradually fall in love as their relationship develops.



Film is structured as a letter to momma from Liz, recalling her hard times in Hollywood, but sugarcoating it for ma's sake. The real travails start off with a goon handling her with a leash to her neck, calling her his little doggie bitch and otherwise abusing poor Liz. Turns out she has (unbeknownst to mom) become a prostitute to make ends meet, sending $16 a week back home.

More Than Friends


Richard and Angela are a married couple heading rapidly for the proverbial marital rocks because of infidelity and mistrust. For solace, Angela flies to the arms of lesbian Gigi. Then she falls into the arms of Richard’s business partner Tim.

Confessions of an Inmate


As told by a narrator, two prison cellmates become lovers only to have a third prisoner join them and spoil the relationship. The tension resolves when all three become lovers.

Touch of His Hand


A married man expresses his love and desire for a younger boy.




Estiuejant a la ciutat


Nelet and Marieta, two foster siblings from different social classes, were raised together in the country during their childhood, united by milk kinship. Upon meeting years later in the city, the affective bond between the young man, now a factory worker, and the young woman, will come into conflict as a result of the class boundaries and differences that separate them. Docudrama loosely based on the short story "El femater", by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez.

Refinements in Love


A fake documentary about the early adult film industry.

شارع الحبايب


A Love Story


A day of life of a young Californian couple deeply in love. They hold hands, ride the car, walk in the woods, swim in the ocean. And of course they make love. A lot of love!

In the Spring


Based on a classic short story, a young man is warned of the evils of love. In The Spring is a celebration of young love in warmer days of life.

Flossie: A Venus of Fifteen


Based on the Victorian era novel. Flossie and her companion Eva meet Captain Jack Archer during a walk in the park. Flossie is immediately smitten, and conspires for the Captain to take her virginity.

حرامي الورقة




This early example of the "backstage" musical genre tells the story of Kitty Darling, a fading burlesque star who tries to save her convent-educated daughter April from following in Mom's footsteps.



Some students in a boarding house have to face the reality of everyday life in pursuit of their goals. The life of one, Carlos, changes drastically when he falls in love with the hotel maid.



A Princess learns that the captain of a ship she owns has struck a passenger, indirectly causing the passenger's death. The Captain is immediately sacked without realising that his action was in defence of her honour. Later, in Cyprus, the Princess meets a handsome man and they're mutually attracted. Only when he expresses contempt for the name of Princess Beatrice Doriani for costing him his job does she realise that this is the same Captain whom she had sacked.

The Great Divide


Stephen Ghent, a mineowner, falls in love with Ruth Jordan, an arrogant girl from the East, unaware that she is the daughter of his dead partner. Ruth is vacationing in Arizona and Mexico with a fast set of friends, including her fiancé, Edgar. Manuella, a Spanish halfbreed hopelessly in love with Ghent, causes Ruth to return to her fiancé when she insinuates that Ghent belongs to her. Ghent follows Ruth, kidnaps her, and takes her into the wilderness to endure hardship. There she discovers that she loves Ghent, and she discards Edgar in favor of him.

Street Girl


A homeless and destitute violinist joins a combo to bring it success, but has problems with her love life.



The One Woman Idea


He was a great Persian Prince. His Harem was filled with seductive beauties. Yet he loved one woman- a woman from another country-wife of another man.



In a village in the Peloponnese, on the slopes of Mt. Chelmos, lives rich sheep owner Mitros with his wife Asimina, his son Thymios and adopted daughter Astero. The children love each other, but Mitros betroths Astero to Stamos, another rich sheep owner. When Stamos is killed and Astero loses her mind, Mitros, watching his son wither away, tells him that his entire fortune is Astero's and urges him to marry her.

Ask Dad


Tommy, home from school, is infatuated with his father's secretary, so he goes to their office to try to tell her.After quoting much poetry, he finds she loves another, causing more quotes.

The Girl on the Barge


The illiterate daughter of a drunken, nasty sea captain falls in love with a tugboat pilot. Her father disapproves of the relationship, and is determined to do everything he can to break it up.



A young Jewish man works in his father's jewelry business, but he doesn't like it at all--he wants to be an entertainer, something he knows that his father would never approve of. He comes up with a scheme to put on his own show in a theater and show his father that he can be a success, but things don't work out quite as well as he planned.

The Broken Melody


An exiled Prince living in Paris, begins a dalliance with an opera singer before returning to his wife.