Ernie Blick has just lost his job at a crucifix factory. Luckily, for Ernie, this allows him more time to devote to his invention. Yes, Ernie is an inventor -- and he's come up with something big. So big, in fact, Ernie's convinced it will change the way people look at life and death. With the support of his drummer friend Julia and his ex-Green Beret-evangelist cousin, Ernie unveils it to the world. But even he isn't prepared for the public's reaction.

La prof enseigne sans préservatif



Quatro Noivas Para Sete Orgasmos


Widowed farmer calls his brothers and girls to give more movement, in sex rhythm, to his house

Hey Viktor!


Twenty-five long years after his time in the limelight, former child actor Cody Lightning tries to revive his fortunes with a self-produced sequel to Smoke Signals in this smart, irreverent new comedy.

Downtown Owl


Based on the novel by Chuck Klosterman, Downtown Owl thrusts viewers into small-town Owl, North Dakota, as a motley crew of characters brace for a historic blizzard.




Sex Wars


Sex Wars, an erotic space odyssey, is the first adult film with major studio sci-fi plus lots of hot, hungry flesh! Princess Layme is just landing on Pluto, in search of a crew to man her spacecraft... for a most dangerous journey, past the solar system, to the far reaches of the galaxy... to the planet Tryos. She finds Brinker Duo and Mark Starkiller and bribes them with money, sex, booze and sex. Baltazar, the evil ruler of Tryos, has populated his planet with sex-slaves, including Princess Orgasma--Princess Layme's sister. The attempted rescue ends in the capture of Brinker, Mark and Princess Layme.



Conservative congressman Victor Kidd appears to be living the American dream, complete with a loving, faithful wife, Lacey, and a decent, respectful, and above all, virginal daughter, Katherine. After all, he’s based his entire political career on representing all that is moral and virtuous, particularly favoring pro-abstinence and monogamy legislation. But Victor has a major problem: his supposedly chaste daughter is, in fact, a vivacious nymphomaniac whose actions threaten to destroy the life and career he’s worked so hard to build. Unfortunately, Katherine isn’t the only person in Victor’s life who has an unquenchable thirst for sex…




Isang Platitong Mani


A 1985 Filipino comedy film starring Pilita Corrales, Bert Marcelo, Nova Villa, Panchito, and Rico J. Puno.

2002: A Sex Odyssey


Adult Film.

The Girls of K.L.I.T. House


The girls of Klit House are really in trouble. Round after round of love making between the shapely group of beauties has left little time for studies. Dean Primmly has informed the sex crazed lovelies that they are about to be expelled. The girls decide to indoctrinate the Dean into their lesbian form of higher education and proceed into a group orgy sure to get everyone passing grades.



荷兰人Schultz是一名黑帮份子刚和女友分手就在一个俱乐部遇见了卖烟的女孩 Kitty并迷上了她。Kitty虽然也很喜欢Schultz但她是一个保守传统的女孩。Schultz雇佣了妓女Rita,希望Rita能把 Ginger变成一个开放甚至下贱的女孩来迎合他,然而这将带来一场帮派之间的争斗……

Erotic Radio WSEX


During a live show, a radio host brings a "sexocologist" to orgasm and she then returns the favor. He is promptly fired, but gets a personal help from a businesswoman. Once he airs again, he even sets a date with a married listener.

Heiße Bräute auf der Schulbank


Roland Brenner is a young, agile school principal with only one problem: Lydia, his bubbly girlfriend, teaches at a strange, faraway school. Roland now decides to get him transferred there. In order to succeed, he messes up the whole school. He is particularly taken with the schoolgirls... Only after long entanglements does he succeed in his transfer. What he cannot know: Lydia has at the same time obtained her transfer to his school!

Bobeou... Entrou


Carlito is a luxury office boy. The boss's brother-in-law, he arrives late for work, mistreats other colleagues and blackmails his own brother-in-law not to tell his sister about his sexual adventures with the secretaries. In fact, Carlito is so cool that he sometimes dreams of having sex with his own sister...

A Gosto do Freguês


Movie in 3 episodes. In the first, "Full Service" shows the adventures of a group of massage therapists. The second, "Swing," shows a womanizer who wants to have sex with other men's wives but is unwilling to share his own wife. In the last one, "The Beauty Seller", a handsome door-to-door makeup salesman seduces his clientele.

Eugênia e Fausto


Eugenia and Fausto watch a film based on Nelson Rodrigues.





Adult spoof of Michael Jackson's Thriller musical containing a fan of the super pop star known as Mr J and her fantasies that come to life in an unbridled display of cinematic imagination in her sexual misadventures. Leading lady gets it from a well-endowed werewolf (the transormed Mr. J); is abducted to a strange castle and finally escapes to a graveyard where she joins in an unbelievable orgy of zombies and ghouls and the like. Of course, her kinky explorations are fraught with hot music, dazzling dance routines and spectacular special effects.

Golden Girls


John organizes a fake beauty contest to get himself and his sleazy friends some hot young girls, many of whom, not realizing it's all a fraud, really are willing to go "all the way" to get the coveted "Miss Fantasy" title.



陪伴 Mutzenbacher 夫人进入 80 年代的荒野。 首先,她拿走了她在色情电影中最喜欢的东西——又热又硬的鸡巴。 作为性疲倦丈夫的寄宿房的老板,她和她的“护士”总是担心他们的病人准备再次手淫。 对约瑟芬有好处。 对她来说,不仅可以为乐趣而笑,还可以为她的财务状况而笑。 一部真正的 Herzog-Mutzenbacher-Movie。




Flash Pants


A group of students compete for the "Hottest Volcano" at the Flash Night contest.

Schulmädchen Porno II - Mädchen, die's wissen wollen


Come see these HOT looking female high school seniors... they are out of control. They can't keep their hands, mouths or bodies of their teacher or each other. Over thirty differently barely-legal cuties unleash their sexuality in this long lost classic film. Imagine Ridgemont High having sex... It's every man's dream come true!!

Zacharias Eichelzupf


California Valley Girls


Two conniving lesbians recruit four San Fernando Valley teenage girls to form a prostitution ring to make big money for themselves.



Imagine a bar that dispenses babes the way some saloons pass out cocktail napkins. That's Piggy's, the wildest, wettest social club to ever please a customer.



Sharon Mitchell is a leftist revolutionary whose sex boutique serves as very effective cover. But now she's blown it big time. One of the vibrators in her shop contained a super-sophisticated bomb. But Sharon lost track of it and sold it to Troye Layn who intends to give it to her girlfriend Diana Sloan. When she gets the gift home and her girl unwraps it, they try it out together. Little do they know that their kinky landlord Davis Christopher is watching through a two-way mirror. When the girls go out for a bite to eat, David steals into their apartment, puts on some of their clothes and makes off with the vibrator. But Sharon is right after him, on the trail of the vibrator, and she's willing to do anything to get it back.

Das Gören-Internat


Couple 'libéré' cherche compagne 'libérée'





An anthology of 8 stories centering on the lives of 20 adolescents in the year 2023.

Puffalo Bill


Young Doctors In Lust


At an exclusive sex therapy clinic for women, three sexually frustrated patients are given treatments that are as unusual as they are effective.



Beautiful and lusty European women call on a special group of "firemen" to start—rather than extinguish—sexual fires.



Josefine Mutzenbacher 经营着一个名为“艺术家天堂”的地方。 霍夫鲍尔博士是这家机构的常客,为顾客上演了一场令人惊讶的奇观,以此作为狂欢的借口。 约瑟芬和她的女儿们去乡下野餐,在那里他们遇到了一群绅士。 其中之一是基什内尔先生,他告诉约瑟芬,他的废柴儿子洛伊斯尔要去维也纳学习木工活。 他派 Loisl 去 Josefine 的家。 约瑟芬和安妮给他上了详细的课。 然后,Loisl 去了 Meister Wehringer 成为他的学徒。 Wehringer 有一个好奇的 16 岁女儿,名叫玛丽亚。 Loisl 向她讲述了他在 Josefine 家里的经历,并试图亲自给她上一课。 然而,Wehringer 抓住了他们。 他解雇了 Loisl,并说他会写信给他父亲,说明他的不当行为。 绝望中,Loisl 去找 Josefine。

Bad Girls


The erotic story of four beautiful young girls and their sexual escapades in the very-rocky mountains.



Ginger Trueheart是一名私家女侦探(由美丽性感的阁楼女郎Loni扮演)和她的助手Sam Strong被召唤到一个女性杂志创办人Huge Heffer的豪宅中,他们这次被派遣的任务是追寻一名Huge有一晚喝醉后遇到的女孩,他只记得在那个女孩的臀部上有个蝴蝶纹身,以及她有个怪异的能力,即整个吞下男人的“那里”,这个有趣的剧情设计让我们欣赏到了80年代早期旧金山激情四射的一面。

Chattes frémissantes


Kluci z bronzu


Deux gamines



Intime Liebschaften


Safari porno


This is a very elusive film which few people have ever seen. Le Dico only has a description of the plot and quotes from a secondary, contemporary source for the review. But the film does, or did, exist although there is the possibility that this title was also used for a re-release of P ...comme pénétration. Footage from it was probably used in other films such as Bachelières en chaleur.