Ilusões eróticas


Friends celebrate the commendation won by a rich man.



Ernie Blick has just lost his job at a crucifix factory. Luckily, for Ernie, this allows him more time to devote to his invention. Yes, Ernie is an inventor -- and he's come up with something big. So big, in fact, Ernie's convinced it will change the way people look at life and death. With the support of his drummer friend Julia and his ex-Green Beret-evangelist cousin, Ernie unveils it to the world. But even he isn't prepared for the public's reaction.



A teenage girl gets her first sexual experience with her best friend's boyfriend and the news turns her upper-middle class family upside down.

Borboletas e Garanhões


Lauro, a future middle-class lawyer, is about to marry Leonora, a millionaire president of an industry. Capricious, used to bossing around, she actually sees him more as an object of sexual fulfillment than as a future beloved husband. A few days before the wedding, Lauro feels insecure, confused. And the situation gets complicated after he meets, casually, on a street in the Liberdade neighborhood in São Paulo, the young Yoko. Cheerful and sensual, with her observations, she makes a strong impression on him. And later both realize the strong communication that exists between them. Lauro ends up falling in love with her, maintaining a parallel romance. His bachelor party turns into an orgy with the presence of transvestites. After several existential crises, when he almost puts his romance with Leonora to ruin, he marries.

Downtown Owl


Based on the novel by Chuck Klosterman, Downtown Owl thrusts viewers into small-town Owl, North Dakota, as a motley crew of characters brace for a historic blizzard.

Ligmalion: Or How to Help Yourself in Self-Help Britain


Drama documentary which takes the form of an up-dated version of Pygmalion. With a special music score by jazz group Working Week, with real "society" characters and locations from 1984.






In the ninth grade, a new one appeared. The closed guy subjugated himself to a single purpose - to decipher the mysterious letters of the disappeared Toltec tribe. Without devoting anyone except a teacher from his former school to his research, the hero dooms himself to a misunderstanding of those around him ...



Alex de Renzy, master of erotica outdoes himself. Breaking beyond all sexual boundaries, daring to tread where others fear, de Renzy leads his all-star cast into sex film history in PASSIONS. Six individual stories of smoldering sensuality, exploring every possible variation of passion including a bizarre crossdressing domination session!

Gozo Alucinante


An affluent woman is kidnapped for a ransom and forced into kinky sex games.



A precursor to Reefer and the Model, Waterbag involves the relationship between two fishermen and a pregnant woman, and ends with an apparently self-induced miscarriage.

Campus Beat


Campus beat and romance are set to music in this film of our times.

Sexo dos Anormais


In a country house, the psychiatrist Daniel, always assisted by his wife and an attendant, starts to treat two new patients. One is Mirian, a middle-class young woman, who arrives there taken by her ex-boyfriend because she is emotionally and erotic out of control after the breakup. The other is Jessica, a transvestite, in existential conflict and distressed by the intense erotic life she is leading.





Wings is a short film based on a poem about the feeling of missing, loss, detachment and distance.

Memoirs of a Vixen


Dewayne's sexual fantasies begin to take a life of their own when he begins to push his wife into being a vixen. With his consent, she has multiple sexual partners. Dewayne knows his wife will do anything to satisfy her husband, for her chance at motherhood. Things begin to be more than either of them bargained for. Who is the pawn in this game of sexual gratification?



All Knight Long


Sensuous Nikki loves to spend her nights in the company of her best friends. One thing quickly leads to another when lovely neighbor Tracy Adams happens by during a romantic interlude between Nikki and steady boyfriend Billy Dee. Meanwhile, Buddy Love is caught with his pants down when he invites the nasty Nina to audition as a stripper while his wife Alexia is out for the evening. Alexia returns to join in the fun, but the tables soon turn when Nikki finds out.



When their parents go away for a weekend, brother and sister decide to get to know each-other better. The maid decides to disregard her duties and joins in. Later, their older sister and her boyfriend arrive for a visit. Then a plumber.

Heiße Spiele kühler Blondinen





A young hooker is tired of her involvement in the sex trade and her pushy [imp. Her true passion is running and after meeting an enthusiastic coach who sees potential in her athletic abilities, she finds herself in training with the hope of making it to the Olympics.




Flash Pants


A group of students compete for the "Hottest Volcano" at the Flash Night contest.



A liberated and uninhibited stage actress involved with several men and a lesbian theater director.

L'Initiation d'une Femme Mariée


Simon and Babeth are seemingly happy couple, but she is not very interested in sex, while he is the opposite. He has sex with his secretary, his older downstairs neighbor, and friend Victoria, as well as other mistresses. But Babeth becomes suspicious and follows him to a hotel where he books a room to make love to one of his mistresses.

Juventude em Busca de Sexo


Two middle-class brothers lose their parents in an accident and have to start working. The boy gets a job in a supermarket, and gets involved with a prostitute. The girl finds herself a job in a restaurant, whose owner just wants to have sex with her.

To Mama with Love


A 1983 Filipino drama starring Gloria Romero, Snooky, Maricel Soriano. Janice de Belen, Julie Vega, William Martinez and Manilyn Reynes.

The Widespread Scandals of Lydia Lace


Jennifer is an upwardly mobile psychiatrist married to a divorce lawyer named Duke. Each of them has their work cut out for them at their offices, and they project themselves into the stories their clients tell them.

Pat, una Donna Particolare


Italian avant-garde porn.

Ma mère me prostitue


Nicole Segaud有一个热衷于跳舞的女儿,但母亲似乎没有钱,或者她自己可能是一个妓女,因为她和一个男子乘坐豪华轿车前往乡下,在那里她被一对骑自行车的人强奸,他们强迫该男子观看。女儿看到一则广告,上面写着“想要跳舞的女孩”。她妈妈带她去了一个叫peepshow的地方,告诉她她是一个非常胖的男人。他解释了需要做的工作,让女儿脱光衣服,她似乎一点也不介意。

To glyko kormi tis Bianca


A young woman introduces her friend Samantha to the wealthy Greek sadist Orestes. He contracts her to be his slave for two weeks at his place on the island of Corfu. Here she meets his wife Stella and Bianca, the blonde slave/mistress of Orestes.

Drôle de show


Journey into the secret Parisian underground where boys are convinced to become sluts and learn to love to perform in outrageous sex shows for debauched audiences!

Apocalipsis sexual


A band of kinky perverts kidnap a young heiress and teach her the joys of sexual decadence in this rare psycho sleaze-fest.





An anthology of 8 stories centering on the lives of 20 adolescents in the year 2023.

Stretta e bagnata


The Awakening


A man burdened by grief over the death of his wife Lisa a year prior heads up the Pacific Coast Highway to their beach home, and along the way picks up a bearded hitchhiker and brings him along. The two men become closer as the days progress.




巣立ちのとき 教育は死なず


Here is a school that has never expelled a single student, believing in its children even after betrayal and betrayal after betrayal! Yoji (Yoichi Sase), the son of a doctor in Suwa, and Nobuko (Mayuki Kirihara), the daughter of a weaver in Kyoto, are transferred to the class of Omura (Chiemi Eri), a PE teacher at Shinonoi Asahi High School, a private school for troubled children. The school principal (Hiroyuki Nagato) says that the school's policy of "not letting anyone drop out of school" must be upheld, and Omura struggles to do everything in his power to respond. Based on a true story by Shigeta Wakabayashi, an education critic, the film depicts the relationship between a student abandoned by his parents and a teacher who sincerely deals with them.

Ligga i Lund


A Swedish cult film about the sexual escapades of several students at Lund University. Based on the novel by Rune Trolleryd, under the pseudonym of Anders Tosse.

Em Busca do Orgasmo


Hermes watches a rapist getting killed. Trying to reinvent society, Hermes makes up a plan.

Ta' mej doktorn


Professor Rasputin and his wife Dr. Christina run a special clinic to help those suffering from sexual problems. In reality, neither are what they claim to be and use the establishment for their own kinky kicks. In his case that involves prowling around in the country outside Paris, picking up teenage hitchhikers, strangling them and dumping their bodies in the woods. His loving spouse is also involved.

Me and Matteo eating a burger


Two men must challenge their relationship with meat, when a vegetarian hamburger is brought to them by a mysterious woman with questionable morals. A series of violence, food and moral depravity insues

Esclave pour couple





Charli is a film for lovers. It is the story that every man and every woman who have ever truly been in or out of love will identify with. Instinctively conceived and sensitively produced, Jesie St. James and Eric Edwards play a married couple whose marriage is on the rocks. They keep the fires burning within as they fantasize about making love to those around them. Charli is a love story, a real SEXY love story.

Deux gamines