King Dong


A spoof of King Kong, King Dong (or Lost on Adventure Island). A young woman runs away from home and sets off to sea with her 3 friends. Everything is fine until a battleship collides with their sailboat and leaves a young couple washed up on a prehistoric island with ferocious dinosaurs and the giant King Dong.



Adult spoof of Michael Jackson's Thriller musical containing a fan of the super pop star known as Mr J and her fantasies that come to life in an unbridled display of cinematic imagination in her sexual misadventures. Leading lady gets it from a well-endowed werewolf (the transormed Mr. J); is abducted to a strange castle and finally escapes to a graveyard where she joins in an unbelievable orgy of zombies and ghouls and the like. Of course, her kinky explorations are fraught with hot music, dazzling dance routines and spectacular special effects.



A free association of Poe’s theme. In Poe’s work, all evil comes from and inside of a man. Marks went the opposite way. Here, the cat is the personification of evil, which provokes human aggression with its aggression. This – actually fictitious – animal causes in man hatred and the desire to kill.



A celluloid film based on Hiroyuki Kakudo's paper animation of the same title (1981).

House of Sin


Pretty young Evangeline Parker finds herself stuck on the side of the road after her car breaks down. Parker gets a ride from the sinister Marbus, who turns out to be the leader of a cult of depraved carnal freaks who reside in an old rundown house. Will Parker find a way to escape from the house of sin?



Me and Matteo eating a burger


Two men must challenge their relationship with meat, when a vegetarian hamburger is brought to them by a mysterious woman with questionable morals. A series of violence, food and moral depravity insues

Dracula Exotica


Sailing to the USA, smuggler Vita Valdez stabs Count Dracula, but he bites her. A necrophiliac morgue attendant reveals she became a vampire. She becomes Dracula's secretary but turns a sergeant into a vampire against Dracula.

Hard Sensation


Three escaped convicts, stranded on a Carribean island, invade the home of three wealthy schoolgirls.



Lost at sea and shipwrecked, Vietnamese boat people try to survive... at any cost.

Blue Movie


Touching upon art, trauma, madness and sexual perversion Blue Movie centers around Silvia who has suffered an attempted rape. She escapes the attack and is rescued by Claudio, a photographer who takes her under his wing. Claudio is obsessed by war images that tell of death, devastation and pain. While working with a supermodel, Daniela, it appears that their relationship is bordering sado-masochistic. Things slowly build, with a fair dose of nudity and perversion. Observing all this as best she can Silvia begins to fall in love with Claudio, however she struggles to discern between reality and her traumatic past, especially while Daniela, who is locked in a room, regresses to an almost bestial dimension.



Aliens from the planet Eros revive the dead on Earth and turn them into horny zombies

Blue Voodoo


A woman uses voodoo to exact vengeance on the man she loved.

House of De Sade


A group of friends decide to spend the night at a creepy old rundown house. They hold a seance that unleashes the evil spirit of De Sade. All kinds of debauched carnal activities immediately follow thereafter.

The Devil Inside Her


In 1826 New England, the two daughters of a repressed farmer (played by director Colt) secretly fawn over a blonde farmhand. The farmer finds out about the farmhand's relationship with the younger daughter and fires him, then punishes the younger daughter. Meanwhile the older daughter, secretly in love with the farmhand hopes to win him back by invoking the Devil with the help of a forest witch.

La Marquise von Porno


At the heart of her castle, the Marquise Katarina Von Porno inflicts, as a exemplary tyrant, the worst sexual tortures to her guests. Difficult to stand up to her, the bitch is also an immortal witch one hundred years hidden behind the facade of a young woman in the barely begun of the thirties and she has fearsome magical powers the snap of a finger may reveal a bed or undress her completely.

Daughters of Darkness


A young man moves into a cheap boarding house in San Francisco that turns out to be a front for an oversexed cult of lascivious Satanists.



Homosexual vampire movie that pits Dracula's two sons against each other. One's a dumb but loveable "good" guy and the other, an evil narcissistic power mad alpha-male.

Forced Entry


A crazed Vietnam vet hunts down and kills women.

Brides of Lucifer


A distraught husband dabbles in Satanism to lure his unsatisfied wife who left him for Las Vegas.



A witch uses her powers to seduce a handsome young man.

The Initiation


Lisa gets initiated into Gino's biker gang.

Catacombs of Hell


Horny young ladies and couples unknowingly attend a subterranean swinger's sex party but soon realize they are captives in hell!



A couple move to an isolated house where – according to local legend – an ancient curse is rumoured to assail its inhabitants. Based on the novel by Väino Kataja (1914).

The Bells


A kindly but desperate Alsatian innkeeper named Mathias murders and robs a rich Jewish merchant staying at his inn, but the ghost of his victim will not let him rest. Meanwhile, a mysterious Mesmerist has come to town, claiming he has made many criminals confess their crimes...

Midnight Faces


A young man inherits a mansion in a Florida swamp from an uncle he never knew he had. When he, his assistant and the estate's executor arrive at the house, the audience catches sight of someone crawling in the window, though the house is supposed to be unoccupied. As the house staff begins to arrive they sense a strange presence in the house, and when a young woman no one knows runs into the house to escape a knife-wielding psycho, the occupants realize they may be in danger from both outside and inside the house.

The Bat


A masked criminal who dresses like a giant bat terrorizes the guests at an old house rented by a mystery writer.

The Monster


A general store clerk and aspiring detective investigates a mysterious disappearance that took place quite close to an empty insane asylum.

Dante's inferno


The tactics of a vicious slumlord and greedy businessman finally drive a distraught man to commit suicide. The businessman is tried for murder and executed, and is afterward taken by demons to the Hell where he will spend the rest of eternity. .

The Wolf Man


Gerald Stanley (John Gilbert) is an English gentleman who is engaged to Beatrice Joyce (Alma Frances). But Stanley's personality changes whenever he drinks, and his brother (who also loves Beatrice) uses this to his advantage.

The Shadow of the East


Barry Craven meets former sweetheart Gillian Locke, who is visiting India with her father. Craven's love for Gillian is revived, but he already has a wife, Lolaire, a native. In a jealous rage, Lolaire kills herself, freeing Craven, who returns to England and marries Gillian. His Indian servant, Kunwar Singh, casts a spell on Craven, causing him to leave Gillian and to go into the Algerian desert. There he joins Said, an old university friend who is the son of an Algerian sheik. Gillian follows, the servant is killed, and with him dies the spell, "The Shadow of the East."

The Last Moment


The Last Moment is a silent film now considered lost.

The Headless Horseman


The village of Sleepy Hollow is getting ready to greet the new schoolteacher, Ichabod Crane, who is coming from New York. Crane has already heard of the village's legendary ghost, a headless horseman who is said to be searching for the head that he lost in battle. The schoolteacher has barely arrived when he begins to pursue the beautiful young heiress Katrina Van Tassel, angering Abraham Van Brunt, who is courting her. Crane's harsh, small-minded approach to teaching also turns some of the villagers against him. Soon there many who would like to see him leave the village altogether.



Ivan, a poor Russian student, lives in Switzerland. He is unexpectedly invited to Russia by a distant relative, Princess Wirsky. To finance the journey, he works as a messenger for revolutionaries who want to depose Grand Duke Wirsky. In Moscow, he delivers the message and falls in love with Marja, the daughter of the revolutionary, but Marja's father loves Princess Wirsky and wants to betray the revolutionaries. The princess falls in love with Ivan, and jealously deports Marja to Siberia. In revenge, Ivan strangles the princess. He spends the rest of his life yearning for Marja, whom he has never kissed. When he receives the news of Marja's death, he commits suicide.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself.



Marina di Malombra (Borelli) lives in a castle prior to her wedding. She begins to read letters written by an ancestor called Cecilia. She finds out that Cecilia was driven to her death by her uncle. Marina identifies with Cecilia and take revenge on her behalf by murdering her uncle.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself.

Asleep at the Switch


A railway switchman falls asleep whilst on duty. The swicthman wakes up too late, and, realizing his error, begins to hallucinate the probable outcome of his inaction. His wife, however, springs into action.

Пиковая дама


Based on Pushkin's short story: When his friends play faro, Germann always enjoys watching, but he never gambles himself. One day, as he is watching their game, he learns that an elderly countess staying nearby is said to possess a secret for winning a fortune at the game. Germann is determined to learn this secret from her, and he initiates a romance with her grand-daughter Liza, in order to improve his chances.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Le monstre


An Egyptian prince has lost his beloved wife and he has sought a dervish who dwells at the base of the sphinx.



"A body horror film about body hair." After being rejected by her stalker for being too hairy, a trans woman spirals into a dysphoric limbo, and the only way out of it is through her own skin.