Le grand fossé


Poéma o svedomí


Spielregel für einen Wiedertäuferfilm


A political film about the policy of the anabaptists of Münster (1534) and the 'enemies of constitution' in West Germany (1976).

شیخ صالح


1322 Islamic Calendar year; Iran before the constitutional revolution. People have formed a revolutionary committee to fight Khan. Cossack brigades are torturing and executing people, and Sheikh Saleh and his brother Esrafil with the help of an old man named Khajeh Isaa are prepared to fight against Khan and his steward Hollakoo.

Камінний господар


TV adaptation of Lesya Ukrainka's drama, which interprets the plot of Don Juan from a feminist point of view.



Злива. Кіно-офорти до історії Гайдамаччини


The lost film about the peasant rebellion of the 18th century in Ukraine, led by Maksym Zalizniak and Ivan Honta. The history of the haydamak movement became a trigger for authors to have experiments in the field of film language: shooting against the background of black velvet, focus on the static character of the picture, the sculptural nature of composition mise-en-scène solutions, replacement of dramatic collisions with cinema engravings depicting the historical past.

Tavasz a viharban


Rafael Uribe Uribe o el fin de las guerras civiles en Colombia


The film, divided into two parts with a total of twenty acts, narrates in a chronic and intimate way the life and heroic deeds of General Rafael Uribe Uribe.

Federales y Unitarios


Примха Катерини ІІ


The film is based on V. Yurezanskyi’s novel The Missing Village about the struggle of Ukrainian Cossacks for their freedom during the reign of Catherine II. Free Cossacks from the village of Turbai in Poltava region, who were included in registers of Myrhorod Pact, suddenly find out that at the order of Catherine II they become the property of the Ukrainian landlord, pan Bazylevskyi. He treats Cossacks like his usual serfs. Cossacks ask the empress for help, but receive no reply. Then, they rebel and set Bazylevskyi’s estate on fire. The owner and his family die during the fire. The vengeance of the Russian empress is terrible, as dozens of Cossacks are beaten to death, and the village of Turbai is doomed to destruction. The film is lost.



When a Man Loves


A nobleman studying for the priesthood abandons his vocation in 18th Century France when he falls in love with a beautiful, but reluctant, courtesan.

The King of Kings


The King of Kings is the Greatest Story Ever Told as only Cecil B. DeMille could tell it. In 1927, working with one of the biggest budgets in Hollywood history, DeMille spun the life and Passion of Christ into a silent-era blockbuster. Featuring text drawn directly from the Bible, a cast of thousands, and the great showman’s singular cinematic bag of tricks, The King of Kings is at once spectacular and deeply reverent—part Gospel, part Technicolor epic.

Микола Джеря


Freedom-loving Mykola Dzheria goes away from the village because of poverty and villainage. He leaves his senior parents, his young wife Nemydora and escapes to the sugar-mill. His friend dies because of slave work. Mykola goes to the Dniester reed beds. Working with other escapees, Mykola falls in love with the daughter of the cooperative leader. The girl also likes the handsome guy. However, their fate is decided by the landlord’s servants; they set the reed beds on fire, shackle Mykola and take him to Verbivka. The film was released on 01 April 1927 in Kyiv and on 24 May 1928 in Moscow. The film is lost.

Garras de oro


The editorialist of The World, newspaper of the "capital of yanquilandia", needs to look for evidence to free himself from an accusation of slander, for an editorial in which it was stated that Teodoro Rooselvelt, artificer of the separation of Panama, could not run for reelection as president of the USA because he had breached an international treaty. Therefore, several detectives are sent to Colombia to locate evidence of this treaty. One of the sleuths is Patterson, an ambiguous man in love with Berta, the daughter of a modest employee of the Colombian consulate in the city of skyscrapers.

Nido de cóndores


Six-part film showing the development of the city of Pereira based on a love story, which was only a pretext to show the origin, advancement and progress of the city of Pereira. Of this production there are testimonies of its realization and exhibition, however only one photograph is preserved.



Namus (Armenian: Նամուս, meaning "honor") is a 1925 silent film by Hamo Beknazarian, based on Alexander Shirvanzade's 1885 novel of the same name, which denounces the despotic rites and customs of Caucasian families. It is widely recognized as the first Armenian feature film.

Hands Up!


Jack, a southern spy during the Civil War, must try to capture a shipment of gold. His task is complicated by the two sisters, Native Americans, and a firing squad.

Тарас Шевченко


The film adaptation of Taras Shevchenko’s biography of 1925 is the first Ukrainian biopic. At that time, it was one of the most expensive films, as for the first time experts in history, ethnography, and literary studies were involved in pre-production. The famous Modernism artist, academician Vasyl Kryvhevskyi designed the film, and professor Serhii Yefremov served as a consultant.  Consisting of numerous short stories, the film that shows the life of Shevchenko as an adolescent, a soldier, a poet, was successfully demonstrated in Ukraine and abroad and became the most acknowledged cinema project of 1926. Amvrosii Buchma played Taras Shevchenko.

As No Man Has Loved


Also known as The Man Without a Country



In ancient Rome, tyrannical Emperor Caligula is assassinated through the machinations of Messalina. She then makes a conquest of Marcus, who forces the Senate to name her husband, Claudius, as emperor. Messalina's wicked ways continue when she falls in love with Ennio, a slave. Ennio is also loved by Egyptian princess Mirit, but he loves neither of them, preferring the company of Ela, a Greek slave.

The Courtship of Miles Standish


A dramatization of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem 'The Courtship of Miles Standish,' this is the story of the Pilgrims who fled religious persecution in England and came to America aboard the Mayflower.

Wild Bill Hickok


The former gambler turned upholder of law and order after a run-in with a gang of stage robbers.

Jesus the Christ


Truly an obscure piece of forgotten silent cinema, this film boasts fine production values; Using its set pieces, location shots, costumes and crowd scenes to good effect to tell the familiar story of Jesus, the Christ.

Nathan der Weise


Silent movie adaptation of Lessing's play. Set in Jerusalem during the Third Crusade, it describes how the wise Jewish merchant Nathan, the enlightened sultan Saladin and the (initially anonymous) Templar bridge their gaps between Judaism, Islam and Christianity.



Biography portraying the life of the Roman Emperor Nero.



亨丽埃特和露易丝是一只小军人,作为姐妹一起长大。当Louise失明时,Henriette发誓要永远照顾她。他们去巴黎看看露易丝的失明是否可以治愈,但当贵族渴望亨丽叶并绑架她时,他们就分开了。只有Chevalier de Vaudrey对她很好,他们坠入爱河。法国大革命用同样腐败的罗伯斯庇尔取代了腐败的贵族。De Vaudrey一直对农民很好,因是贵族而被判处死刑,Henriette因窝藏他而被判处死刑。革命英雄丹东是新政权中唯一的怜悯之声,能把他们从断头台上救出来吗?

La nave


The newly-settled city of Venice in the Sixth Century AD: A wandering people struggle to establish Christian Theocracy. Basiliola Faledro, an exotic dancer, wicked and cunning, arrives from faraway lands seeking to avenge her pagan lineage; Her father and brothers blinded and humilated by frenzied zealots. Her primary targets are the brothers Gràtico, both newly-elected to positions of power: One, Marco, an arbiter and tribune, the other, Sergio, a bishop. The title refers to a bold pronouncement made by Deaconess Ema Gràtico to her subjects the Venetians, a seafaring and desperate tribe-- That their native homeland is aboard a ship.

История гражданской войны


The epic story of the Russian Civil War (1918-21): the White Terror, the counterrevolutionary uprisings, the guerrilla war, the Kolchak front, the Wrangel front and the Kronstadt rebellion. Chaos and violence, devastation and death.

The Last of the Mohicans


As Alice and Cora Munro attempt to find their father, a British officer in the French and Indian War, they are set upon by French soldiers and their cohorts, Huron tribesmen led by the evil Magua. Fighting to rescue the women are Chingachgook and his son Uncas, the last of the Mohican tribe, and their white ally, the frontiersman Natty Bumppo, known as Hawkeye.



Der Ochsenkrieg


Berchtesgaden in the 15th century: A power struggle between mountain peasants who have been raising milk cows on common land and a village bailiff trying to gain power driving them off the land. Both have a ducal documents that states the opposite.



In the Canadian province of Acadia, young Evangeline is betrothed to Gabriel. But before their wedding can take place, the British imprison the men and send them into exile with their lands forfeit to the Crown Evangeline follows the exiled men in hopes of finding her beloved, but even after he and the other Acadians are released in Louisiana, she cannot find him, always arriving at some locale just after he has departed. But she dedicates her life to searching the continent for the man she loves.

Rasputin, the Black Monk


The story of the rise and fall of Rasputin, the so-called "mad monk" who dominated the court of the Russian czar in the period prior to the Russian revolution.

The Coward


Set during the American Civil War, Keenan stars as a Virginia colonel and Charles Ray as his weak-willed son. The son is forced, at gunpoint, by his father to enlist in the Confederate army. He is terrified by the war and deserts during a battle. The film focuses on the son's struggle to overcome his cowardice.

Captain Courtesy


A romantic melodrama set in old California.

The Heart of Lincoln


During the Civil War, a young man joins the Union army. His sweetheart's brother, on the other hand, joins the Confederate forces. During a battle the Confederate is captured and brought to the young Union officer, who recognizes him, and later allows him to escape. For that action he is tried for treason, convicted and sentenced to hang. All that remains now is for President Abraham Lincoln to sign his death warrant.

Die Wittenberger Nachtigall


The film depicts the early life of the reformer Martin Luther and was produced by the Berlin and Vienna-based production company Rubin-Film. The premiere took place on September 1 1913. The showing of the film in Austria was banned because the film was likely to offend religious sensibilities. On April 20, 1921, following a complaint from the producer Báron, this decision was overturned by the film inspection authority with the restriction that the film “may not be shown in front of young people”.

Quo Vadis?


During the latter years of the reign of the tyrannical Roman emperor Nero, Marcus Vinicius, one of Nero's officers, falls in love with a young Christian named Lygia, attempting to enslave her. Lygia's protector, the noble and burly Ursus, works to save her from Vinicius' clutches. Pursuing Lygia, Vinicius finds himself at a catacomb prayer meeting led by the apostle Peter and finds his conscience stirring-- just as Nero orders Rome burned. A landmark in epic film, Enrico Guazzoni’s grand-scale masterpiece laid the foundations for what colossal Italian spectacles would become. The film had tremendous influence on Giovanni Pastrone’s Cabiria (1914) and D.W. Griffith’s Intolerance (1916).



The fabled queen of Egypt's affair with Roman general Marc Antony is ultimately disastrous for both of them.

Запорізька січ


The first Ukrainian feature film. Considered lost.

The Immortal Alamo


A lost silent film depicting the battle of the Alamo. Filmed in San Antonio.