Cilla Black's Christmas Eve


Special featuring Cilla Black and her guests Frankie Howerd, Graham Fletcher, the Bee Gees, Julio Iglesias and George Benson.

The Juggler


A juggler in a park opens his magic box and takes out 3 balls. The audience marvels at his dexterity, until one ball escapes. The mutinous ball takes on magical properties as it draws the juggler into a series of adventures with many levels of meaning: appearance, fantasy and love. Without words.

Tut og kjør


Timian and Rudolf owns a car repair shop, where a 1930 Ford is the main thing, when someone steals their savings.

Follow The North Star


A young boy helps his friend escape slavery through the underground railway.



Flowers, insects, and a crow family all dance to a jaunty tune celebrating spring. After a brief storm, grasshoppers, frogs, and spiders cavort to the Dance of the Hours.

Santa Claus


Two children sneak out of their bedroom on the night of December 24th, so they can ask Santa Claus what he does the rest of the year. Santa tells the children about his life in the Land of Winter, and about how he keeps an eye on all the children in the world.

The Wizard of Oz


A farm girl learns she is a princess and is swept away by a tornado to the land of Oz.

The Buccaneers


This Our Gang short has the group playing pirates and building a ship to sail in. Once the ship hits water it sinks but they end up on another boat when the dog unties the rope and the kids head off to sea where they must be rescued by the Navy.

Stage Fright


Author Fawn Ochletree stages a charity performance of her latest play, a Romanesque epic. The gang and other neighborhood kids are forced into starring in the play, much to the chagrin of the gang. They are completely unable to remember their lines, and struggle with maintaing their composure during the more serious moments of the melodrama. Finally, Jackie sets off a slew of firecrackers as the finale, scaring all involved.

Back Stage


The gang operates a donkey-propelled tour bus. Later, a cut-rate vaudeville producer hires them to help out with his show, which they wreck.

The Cobbler


A cobbler receives his back pension and invites the gang to celebrate with a picnic, but his car stalls along the way.

Jesus the Christ


Truly an obscure piece of forgotten silent cinema, this film boasts fine production values; Using its set pieces, location shots, costumes and crowd scenes to good effect to tell the familiar story of Jesus, the Christ.

Saturday Morning


The Rascals, feeling unloved at home, decide to become pirates. Meanwhile, a mother, an aunt and a valet join the cops in searching for the runaways.

Fire Fighters


The gang forms a fire department; they end up thwarting a bootlegger, but not before their pet animals get drunk on his moonshine.

Little Red Riding Hood


Alice in Wonderland


This is the first movie version of the famous story. Alice dozes in a garden, awakened by a dithering white rabbit in waistcoat with pocket watch. She follows him down a hole and finds herself in a hall of many doors.

A Holiday Pageant at Home


A few days before the Christmas holiday, a large family decides to put on a home-made play as part of their holiday together. The mother writes the play, and the children practice it. When they are ready, they enact first a prologue and then the play.

Butterfly Tale


A pair of rival butterflies form an unlikely friendship.

Fusil Fotográfico


Etienne-Jules Marey, a French inventor who turned a gun into a camera. A hand-drawn hunter whose weapon, instead of firing ammunition, shoots photographs. Carlos, a Mexican wildlife photographer who used to be a real life hunter until he chose to get rid of all his guns. All come together in this poetic yet approachable animated documentary short film.

De Bellinga's: Vakantie op Stelten


A brand new movie starring the immensely popular family vloggers Bellinga. The family is preparing for the summer holidays, but that does not go without a hitch. A movie full of new, catchy songs! It's vacation and the whole Bellinga family has packed their bags for a luxurious dream trip to France. They are really looking forward to it, but do not yet know that dad Daniel has accidentally lost the holiday money. While Daniel tries to delay the journey, Neighbor Bets has come up with a plan to quickly recoup the lost money. If that works out in time, the holiday can still go ahead! Meanwhile, Luan and Lucilla find out, thanks to a very special suitcase and the Bellinga Vacation Bucket List, that you don't really need any luxury at all for a super fun summer vacation.

Goro Goro


Goro Goro is a short film that follows the story of Daigoro, a baby thunder god, who dreams of being as powerful as his father. Through his thunderous journey, he realizes that he can achieve his dreams in his own unique way.

So Awkward: Kids Camp


Lily's taken a job at a summer camp that has a reality show being shot on the grounds. Could this be the big break for fame she's always wanted? And will Lily's shot for stardom stay on track?



کن پامنار


Tells a part of the life of working children in the poor neighborhoods of Tehran.



Two young children and their parents help a trio of aliens transformed as friendly dogs to escape the clutches of a local UFO hunter as they repair their spaceship.

The Farm


A husband and wife endure life's disappointments and joys together, after inheriting an insolvent farm from a tragic death.

The Last Rain


The story of last rain evolves around a middle class mother, a Bengali, dealing with the her young daughter who has mental disorders. The fact that mental health is so less talked about or even given any thought is portrayed in the story through the mother daughter duo, with the attempt to raise awareness on mental health issues in our daily lives.

Accidental Expat


A bright young Latino DREAMer from Texas must battle the demons of deportation to Mexico and starting a new life in a country he only knew as an infant.

Сто лет тому вперёд


Kolya and Alice live in different worlds. Kolya lives in modern-day Moscow, while Alice lives 100 years in the future. Kolya likes playing video games, writing rap songs and hanging out with his friends. He doesn’t think about the future at all. Alice knows everything about alien animal life, martial arts, and the history of the galaxy. The past holds a painful memory for Alice - her mother was killed in a battle between earthlings and space pirates. The defeated forces of evil will one day return, and worlds will collide. Kolya and Alice will meet, and their meeting will shape the future of our universe.



Overview is kept under wraps.

Sea Monsters 3


Sea Monster pals Tickles and Toothy McGru can't seem to fit in with the fish in the reef. In fact they can't even figure out what types of fish they are! Could it have to do with Halloween? With the help of Fifi and Lily the pals set off on a quest to learn their true identity. Get ready for an underwater Halloween adventure for the ages. It's Sea Monsters 3.

Baby Halloween


When the mischievous Jabberwock decides to take over Halloween, the holiday mascot Baby Halloween teams up with the Fairytale Fun Force to save the holiday. Join your favorite fairytale characters in Baby Halloween And The Fairytale Fun Force!




Pets Season 2


Meet best buddies Bella the laid-back cat, Bagel the goofy dog, and Alvin the opinionated parrot. This hilarious trio loves to watch the best show on TV, Pets! Grab the popcorn and join these three cushion-loving furballs for yet another afternoon to remember in Pets Season 2!

Đất Rừng Phương Nam


The film version of the film is inherited and developed from the novel of the same name by writer Doan Gioi. The film tells the adventure journey of An - a boy who unfortunately lost his mother on the way to find his father. Together with An, the audience will experience the richness of nature and the unique cultural beauty of the land of Nam Ky Luc Tinh, the chivalrousness of the farmers clinging to the forest and the patriotism against the French first. 20th century.

Tähtsad ninad


13-year-old Oliver and Sass make a nose-shaped glasses holder in shop class, which at-tracts the interest of a mysterious major investor. At the same time, Oliver’s recently laid off father is struggling to find a new job. The boys are too young to run their business themselves so Oliver hatches a plan to kill two birds with one stone: they hire Oliver’s dad to run their business, also saving his parents’ rocky marriage! The trick is that Oliver’s father doesn’t know that he works for his son and son’s friend Sass. A fast-paced duplicitous game unfolds and starts to escalate when the boys find out what their mysterious investor is really up to.

Antero Varovainen ja onnenkivi


Julius, who devours comic books and vampire stories, has a lively imagination. Julius meets Arnold Cautious, who lives in an abandoned house on the outskirts of town and introduces himself as a degenerated, strawberry juice-drinking vampire. Julius and Cautious become friends. Together they try to make the Lucky Stone, the recipe for which is in Cautious' grandmother's secret recipe book. Julius wants to give the stone to his estranged parents so they can rediscover their common happiness. Julius and Arnold's laboratory attempts to make the Lucky Stone falter badly time and time again, but they stubbornly pursue their quest for happiness.



在经历前两部的考验之后,波比(安娜·肯德里克 Anna Kendrick 配音)和布兰(贾斯汀·汀布莱克 Justin Timberlake 配音)现在正式成为一对情侣,正当他们的关系变得越来越亲密,波比却发现布兰竟然有一个神秘的过去。他曾经是她最疯迷的男团“兄弟地带”成员,那是他和他的四个兄弟弗洛伊德(特洛耶·希文 Troye Sivan 配音)、约翰·多瑞(埃里克·安德烈 Eric André 配音)、史布斯(戴维德·迪格斯 Daveed Diggs 配音)以及克雷(卡迪小子 Kid Cudi 配音)共同组成的男孩团体。但是兄弟乐团在布兰还是的小朋友的时候就已经解散,这一家人也跟着四分五裂,从那时候起,布兰就再也没有见过他的兄弟。 但是当布兰的兄弟弗洛伊德因为他的音乐才华被两个流行音乐的邪恶大坏蛋——凡菲(艾米·舒默 Amy Schumer 配音)和凡尼(安德鲁·兰内斯 Andrew Rannells 配音)绑架之后,布兰和波比就展开一场惊险刺激的冒险旅程,希望布兰和他其他的兄弟能够重新聚首,救出弗洛伊德,不让他遭受比在流行音乐界成为过气明星更悲惨的命运。

Camp Hideout


After a troubled teen steals an important item from two big city goons, he hides in a church summer camp and finds he must protect his newfound friends at all cost when the goons track him down.



Oscar and Teo (13 and 11 years old) are two brothers, very different from each other, who will have to face the loss of their mother, a scientist obsessed with wormholes.

The Boy Who Stole the World


A sci-fi fantasy adventure of a young boy whose life changes forever when a mysterious visitor lands from nowhere into his backyard to warn him of an impending invasion.

Fade Out.


Alexander, a young writer, deals with his family trauma by writing a script about the night he came out of the closet. By immersing himself in writing, Alexander imagines an alternate version of that family conflict, finding a way to express himself and heal emotionally.

Harold and the Purple Crayon


Based on the children's book, where 4-year-old Harold uses a purple crayon to create a world of his own by just drawing.




Little Hakka 3


Follow Little Hakka as she deploys her magic "Hakka Hat" to battle the evil forces intent on destroying nature in this beautifully animated adventure for children.

Puffin Rock and the New Friends


Follow the disappearance of the final Little Egg of the season in strange circumstances, leading Oona and her friends to embark on a race against time to try to save it before a big storm hits Puffin Rock and puts the island in danger.