Pipe Dreams


Drainage problems in your home? Call our man by telephone. Roto Reamer, that’s our name, and away goes trouble down the drain. This is the story of the Roto Reamer Company, a well-to-do Hollywood sewer screwer business. The well-hung black reamer men are a welcome sight to the gorgeous horny Hollywood wives they service. This video expose goes behind the scenes to show you what a housecall is all about.

Tropical Lust


Women and men have sex on a tropical island.

The House of Strange Desires


There is a house of strange desires where erotic spirits consume the orgasmic energies of those who dwell within. Here an artist's hands are possessed by seductive ghosts. Again and again, completely out of his control, the artist adds wild and lustful figures to his paintings; the exotic imagery begins to happen in reality. No one can resist these sensual apparitions. The ghosts take control of the minds and bodies of their victims, filling them with intense desire.

Pleasure Island


A sorority full of hot-to-trot young sirens wins an all-expense paid trip to an island paradise. The four feisty femmes jump at the chance to spend a weekend away from all their problems, but their prim and proper housemother insists on coming along. Of course, once they get to the island, it's every girl for herself as they all set off in pursuit of vivacious vacation encounters. One by one, each of the girls wanders into Room 13 in their hotel, a mysterious realm in which all their sexual fantasies come true.

Erotic Zones 2


Three stories of the erotic and the esoteric. A janitor at a wax museum cares deeply for the figures he watches, especially Cleopatra. An author writes about a gorgeous femme fatale who does a slow strip and then performs fellatio on the hero. A hooker who finds an opal ring on the street and is transformed into the mistress of a wealthy man, whose son's bride she is going to be the next day!

Star 84


Star 84 details the secret sex fantasies of porn star Tina Marie. She acts as our hostess and details each fantasy before participating in bringing it to life.

Confessions of Candy


Everybody loves Candy! She's the cutest thing in town! As she readies for a flight, she regales one of her fellow passengers with tales of her many exploits. Join her as she spreads her love everywhere, from a frat house to a high flying "cockpit."

King Dong


A spoof of King Kong, King Dong (or Lost on Adventure Island). A young woman runs away from home and sets off to sea with her 3 friends. Everything is fine until a battleship collides with their sailboat and leaves a young couple washed up on a prehistoric island with ferocious dinosaurs and the giant King Dong.



Adult spoof of Michael Jackson's Thriller musical containing a fan of the super pop star known as Mr J and her fantasies that come to life in an unbridled display of cinematic imagination in her sexual misadventures. Leading lady gets it from a well-endowed werewolf (the transormed Mr. J); is abducted to a strange castle and finally escapes to a graveyard where she joins in an unbelievable orgy of zombies and ghouls and the like. Of course, her kinky explorations are fraught with hot music, dazzling dance routines and spectacular special effects.

Girls That Love Girls


Delve into the secret world of female passion as three old friends get together and share some of their more intimate lesbian experiences. Bridgette Monet details her first encounter with her best friend, as well as a steamy "business deal" with the dominating Lisa DeLeeuw and her kinky assistant, Little Oral Annie. The gorgeous Cody Nicole recounts her own initiation into the world of lesbian loving when she ends up tutoring a coy young coed in more ways than one. And Kristara Barrington graphically reminisces about the girl who first seduced her boyfriend, and then seduced her!

The Personal Touch


Shauna Grant and Bobby Hollander host an anthology film in which professional performers enact their most intimate fantasies. The difference is that The Personal Touch adds a new dimension to erotica by involving you, the viewer, in every scene - as if you were right there!

Gay Guide to Cruising


An extensive guide to gay cruising. Contains the following video chapters: Lesson One: The Chase, Lesson Two: The Approach, featuring the cultural approach, the sweat and soap method, honest cards on the table approach, and Hide & Seek Trick. Lesson Three: The Attack, featuring the let's have fun technique, the face-saver, and Holds Barred. Lesson Four: The Geography of Love, features the kiss, J.O. Buddies, anal intercourse, ending with 6 and 9.

Young Doctors In Lust


At an exclusive sex therapy clinic for women, three sexually frustrated patients are given treatments that are as unusual as they are effective.






In an experiment, a pair of scientists use electric jolts to induce a sleeping woman to have erotic dreams.

Serena: An Adult Fairy Tale


A retelling of the Cinderella story with a twist, as the heroine gets sold into prostitution by her evil stepfather.

Love Is Not Enough


After an unsatisfying lovemaking session with her husband, a woman calls up "Sir Richard" to get her very own love slave.

The Producer's Wife


A horny producer watches her latest film, The Raw Report, which details the wildest sex ever put on film. Unable to control herself, she fucks her assistant.

Where Joey Lives


Picture a beautiful Spanish-style mansion in a secluded suburb decorated with expensive furniture and antiques. There is music to fill the summer nights, tables garnished with delicacies and young men to fulfill the desires of those within the premises. This is the way it used to be. But not any more. This is the house WHERE JOEY LIVES. The previous owner was a mysterious man whose name was not known to anyone. You could not tell his age by looking at him and his wealth seemed to appear magically. Despite all of the strange factors about him, he was well liked and he threw wild parties almost every night. One day he disappeared, though some people say that he was murdered. Strange noises kept people away, except for Joey. Joey loved the man and consequently bought the house. Now Joey wishes to relive with you his experiences with the man; the one he wanted to touch, to kiss, and to be inside forever.

7 Into Snowy


San Francisco. Snowy is a rich and beautiful young woman, living with her stepmother Fedora, who treats her with disgust. She asks her servant and lover Rodney to seduce Snowy.

Susie's Bed


Susie writhes around naked on her bed talking dirty. She also introduces us to some of her horny friends. Meet Janice and Mike, Ann and Marty, Donna and Dean, Maria and Dan, Toby and Roy, and Jeanie and Marty, couples with only one thing on their mind – coitus interruptus.

The Starlets


An inside look at the most exclusive sex club in Hollywood, and the beautiful actresses who will do anything to screw their way to the top.

Young, Hot 'n Nasty Teenage Cruisers


Fast-paced, almost plotless rock and roll film musical set during a crazy night in the lives of a dozen or more teenagers.

La Marquise von Porno


At the heart of her castle, the Marquise Katarina Von Porno inflicts, as a exemplary tyrant, the worst sexual tortures to her guests. Difficult to stand up to her, the bitch is also an immortal witch one hundred years hidden behind the facade of a young woman in the barely begun of the thirties and she has fearsome magical powers the snap of a finger may reveal a bed or undress her completely.



Lasse Braun's kinky tale involving a woman seeking psychiatric advice and XXX flashbacks describe her nymphomania issues!

Once Upon a Girl


Mother Goose has been put on trial for obscenity, and the evidence being presented is a collection of pornographic animated shorts. Included in the mix are adult versions of Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella and Snow White, in which just about every sexual combination possible is given a try.

Tut og kjør


Timian and Rudolf owns a car repair shop, where a 1930 Ford is the main thing, when someone steals their savings.

The Passions of Carol


An X-Rated adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Carol Scrooge, the curmudgeonly owner of Biva Magazine (a sleazy skin publication), insists that her employees work on Christmas. However, on Christmas eve, Miss Scrooge is visited by three ghosts, each of whom shows her a different vision of Christmas, from Carol's lurid past of sexually manipulating her childhood friends to the meager Christmas celebrations of her present-day employee, Bob Hatchet and his wife, to a terrifying and sleazy vision of Christmas yet to come; each visit is infused with a barrel of laughs and a valuable lesson about the importance of giving and holiday spirit.

Raoul's Masterpiece


Raoul films his masterpiece - the final crown in his career. He starts with the auditions of the actors. No actresses in his masterpiece!

Pool Party


When two handsome young buddies are hanging around the affluent surroundings of their backyard pool getting high and enjoying the sun, anything can happen. When the goodlooking hunk of a poolman shows up, the two ask him to join in the fun. Declaring he's straight, the poolman says he'll return later to finish his chores. Fantasies abound, as we are taken through a kaleidoscope of sexual experiences, none of which can match the fantasies inspired by the muscular poolman. Finally he returns to finish the pool, but as it turns out, it's only the beginning.

The Love Bus


Dr. Scheisekopf (Jamie Gillis) advises patient Jennifer Jordan (aka Sarah Nicholson) to get away for the weekend. When the bus she travels on crashes, passengers take refuge at crazy Sonny Landham’s country house where all manner of lewd hook-ups occur.




Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl


Horny college seniors explore their sexual fantasies.

The Birds and the Beads


It's Cherry's birthday. Her beau Harry buys her a pair of magical love beads from a gypsy woman.

Manpower: Big Boys in the Big City


This video is pure dynamite! Some of the most graphically-explicit scenes ever filmed are featured in this torrid gem! It's summer nights in the Big City and the street scene is loaded with hot, new prospects. Look for some of the best and hardest studs in the business do it all to each other!

The Classified Caper


The story of a guy who places sex ads in the classified section of an underground paper and choreographs many bizarre experiences.

The Last Virgin


Some real horny girls come together to fuck two lucky guys, all at the same time!

On A Clear Day You Can See Whatever


A woman visits a hypnotherapist to get over her addition to smoking, but is instead sent on a series of bizarre sexual fantasies.

Give Me A Sailor


Gwen Burns mourns the untimely death of her husband Billy. To cheer her up her friends organize a party for her which turns into an orgy.

Teen-age Fantasies: An Adult Documentary


An explicit series of erotic vignettes centering on the sexual fantasies of adolescents: A nervous young woman makes love with a sensitive nice guy; an old man has sex with a teenage girl; a young lady gets so aroused watching her best gal pal make love to her boyfriend that she partakes in a lesbian make-out session with said gal pal before eventually engaging in a threesome; a cute girl aggressively seduces her timid boyfriend; and a gal engages in vigorous anal sex with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rene Bond demonstrates her remarkable prowess with fellatio in the wrap-around segments.

The Erotic Artist


Experienced artist Sketch gathers several young girls in his apartment who wants him to draw their portraits. Something goes wrong, dissatisfied girls begins to pester ask him to have sex with them.

So This is Hollywood


A group of tourists visits Hollywood. After a walk down the Hall of Fame and Mann's Chinese theater, they relax in their hotel suite.



一个贫穷的女孩试图在 NYE 上卖火柴。她冷得发抖,无法出售她的商品,她坐在一个隐蔽的角落里。她划着一根火柴取暖,她看到了火焰中的东西。



The Man in the Moon invites little Mickey and his dog over for a visit. They go on a magical trip and meet strange characters along the way.

Santa Claus


Two children sneak out of their bedroom on the night of December 24th, so they can ask Santa Claus what he does the rest of the year. Santa tells the children about his life in the Land of Winter, and about how he keeps an eye on all the children in the world.

The Wizard of Oz


A farm girl learns she is a princess and is swept away by a tornado to the land of Oz.



In Baghdad a girl escapes from a robber sheikh and thwarts a plot to rob a merchant.



Based on the Russian fairy tale Father Frost.